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Introducing the SPS

The Submerged Power System (SPS) by REPLOY is both a process and a product.

Our product is an advanced nuclear reactor that can be scaled for a power range of 300Mwe–600Mwe.

Our process is the placement of advanced nuclear reactors in ocean floor locations, enabling efficient thermal regulation and operation with an oxygen free environment. With over a decade of careful design, research, and development the SPS is now ready for commercialization.

Our system delivers safe, cost-efficient power to the locations where it is needed most.

With modular units, we eliminate the need for costly, resource intensive and slow construction projects and deploy power with a turn-key solution – centralized manufacturing, servicing, and export.

Ensuring Safety

Safety is focus for the SPS unit functionality and design.

SPS units are remotely operated. Having no human activity on board allows for an oxygen free environment, eliminating risk of fire or explosion. REPLOY has harnessed the natural properties of the ocean’s depths and temperature to engineer vast improvements in industry safety measures. Improvements in process and design contribute to better project economics and a streamlined commissioning timeline.

REPLOY units are assembled and maintained from one centralized facility.

REPLOY’s centralized facilities not only lowers costs of assembly and maintenance, it also allows for optimal safety and security measures by removing proliferation risks that can be associated with handling of nuclear material. Centralized facilities play a key factor in lowering maintenance costs and providing iron-clad security through robust monitoring process and protocols.

Stable & Efficient

The SPS by REPLOY is deployed offshore away from populated coastlines.

Units are secured to the seabed using shock-absorbing isometric anchorage, allowing the SPS to always remain secure. REPLOY boasts a four-day installation and connection time, a fuel cycle of five-years, and unit lifespan of fifteen-years. With optimal power range of 300-600Mwe, the SPS caters directly to the 40% of the global population that live within 60 miles of a coastline and with transmission can support inland grids and other use cases.

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