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Revolutionising Energy Generation: The Submerged Power System (SPS)

The SPS is both a product and a process. Designed and refined by REPLOY’s chief nuclear designer, Dr J. Stephen Herring, the SPS harnesses the natural properties of our ocean to create reliable and efficient nuclear power.

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Changing the face of nuclear power

Cost Efficient

REPLOY’s SPS provides a future of consistent, low-cost power while creating thousands of jobs in construction, manufacturing, service, and export. The SPS is an offshore, remotely operated reactor. This model ensure we have lower capital costs and faster capital works.

Speed & Flexibility

The SPS is scalable and has been engineered to integrate current approved technologies while also incorporating emerging future technologies. REPLOY utilizes tried and proven nuclear power technology, eliminating many security and proliferation concerns.

Prioritized Safety

REPLOY Power’s SPS units are remotely operated in zero-oxygen environments resulting in improved industry safety measures. The submerged nature of the plant makes the system passively safe in the event of an accident, allowing the core to dissipate heat into the surrounding ocean with no risk of contamination.


We believe nuclear energy provides a future of sustainable power that should be accessible to everyone.

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